Telephone Systems

Our IP Telephony provision is based on the open source Asterisk software. This enables us to ensure a cost effective and feature rich solution.

The system is managed from the easy to use front end graphical user interface. All moves, adds and changes which used to be both time consuming and costly are now easy and quick.

The beauty of our system over digital exchanges or manufacturers proprietary systems is that you can choose from an array of phones from varying hardware vendors such as Cisco, Polycom, Aastra, Linksys and Grandstream. This means you can tailor the handset to the end user need, the functionality you want or your available budget.

Out of the box it will provide, Music on Hold, Voicemail, Interactive Voice Response, direct calls to ring groups or queues for call management, recording of calls, full reporting of call activity, remote access to voicemail via a web browser along with a raft of other features, call us today to find out more.